Alt-Right’s Overton Window [...]

“I still feel like we are faking it until we make it,” he confesses. “I mean, in some ways, you’ve got to fucking fake it. You have to project success and project power and kind of make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I do have this fear that it’s not going to ultimately get to that. We’ve gotten over the first hurdle, which is ignorance [of the alt-right], and now we need to get over the second hurdle, which is becoming a multimillion-dollar professional movement. I don’t want to go back to paleoconservatism or some intellectual white nationalism that has no connection with politics and the scene. That would be tremendously depressing.”

But he has faith in the Overton window: the idea that the range of acceptable political discourse gets defined by a safe distance between extremes. “If you want to radically shift the Overton window, you need that far-right flank for that to make sense,” he says. “Clearly, we are working with Trump in this way.” (Source)

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