Beck’s Sham [...]

Beck went on, “What’s most tragic about this is us. We have, as a culture, embraced the bad guys. I love Tony Soprano. But, when a Tony Soprano shows up in your life, you don’t love him so much.

“We’ve made everything into a game show,” he said, “and now we’re reaping the consequences of it.” Some of this may be Beck’s own doing. Trump’s conspiracy-peddling and doomsaying? That’s vintage Beck, who said that the Fourth of July used to move him to tears. But now, he said, our politicians and bankers have become crooks, our wars meaningless, and our values lost. “I’m at a Dadaist time in my life,” he said. “So much of what I used to believe was either always a sham or has been made into a sham. There’s nothing deep.”

Beck, who was wearing a cardigan, a cream-colored scarf, and green pants, was flanked by two bodyguards. The alt-right sees him as a turncoat. He receives death threats. “These people scare the hell out of me,” he said. Some of them are his former followers, perhaps angry at him for disowning their beliefs while continuing to cash in on their insecurities. (Beck’s Web site still runs ads for goods favored by survivalists—gold ingots, concealed-gun harnesses, and food kits called My Patriot Supply.) (Source)

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