Berners-Lee on a Harmonious Web [...]

Tim Berners-Lee suggests that the web needs to look at creating UI that amplifies good behavior.

“It’s about building a social network and saying, ‘How’s it going to work? If I can build a social network and people can inject ideas, what’s going to happen to great ideas? If they take off and accelerate, will horrible ideas accelerate too?’

“I wonder about Twitter and the way it’s made, and that people tend to retweet stuff that really gets them going, and that’s not really great. A study showed that people are 10 times more likely to tweet something that made them angry than something that made them joyful.

“So I think we have responsibility to think how to build systems that tend to produce constructive criticism and harmony as opposed to negativity and bullying.” (Source)

Berners-Lee is referring in comments to findings that Anger Spreads Fastest, though that study was not on Twitter, but on a Chinese clone of Twitter.

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