Borg Complex [...]

The Borg Complex describes a set of rhetorical moves in discussing technological trends whereby the speaker claims that “the future is coming, whther you like it or not” in an attempt to shut off discussion of what future we want.

“Resistance is futile.” This is what the Borg, of Star Trek fame, announces to its victims before it proceeds to assimilate their biological and technological distinctiveness. It is also what many tech gurus and pundits announce to their audiences as they dispense their tech-guru-ish wisdom. They don’t quite use those words,of course, but they might as well. This is why I’ve taken to calling this sort of rhetoric a Borg Complex. (Source)

There are numerous elements you can use to identify the phenomenon. The speaker:

  1. Makes grandiose, but unsupported claims for technology

  2. Uses the term Luddite a-historically and as a casual slur

  3. Pays lip service to, but ultimately dismisses genuine concerns

  4. Equates resistance or caution to reactionary nostalgia

  5. Starkly and matter-of-factly frames the case for assimilation

  6. Announces the bleak future for those who refuse to assimilate