China’s Accelerating Edtech [...]

Statistics say that 37 percent of edtech funding deals have been created in edtech companies based in China in 2015. That percentage is translated to US$1.07 billion. If this growth remains consistent, China will surpass the United States in 2016. Aside from this, China is pursuing the area aggressively and the government has announced that it will invest US$30 billion VC in startups by the year 2020. This can also mean that the Chinese government is planning to make educational technology a mandatory requirement for employment.

Once China speeds up the training of its 806 million strong workforce, that will be the game changer because when it happens, China will have an army of tech-equipped workers and talent companies which companies need. There are still a lot of doubters and naysayers about China’s capability to make this ambitious venture into a reality. But just how committed is China in taking on this venture? (Source)

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