Click’s Clashes [...]

That’s when Ms. Click heard some of them arguing with Mark Schierbecker, a senior majoring in history who was filming the protest. Ms. Click grabbed at his small hand-held camera, telling him: “You have to go!” To which he responded: “I actually don’t.” As Mr. Schierbecker recited his right to be in a public place, Ms. Click invoked her authority as a “communication faculty” and made the call for “muscle” to get him removed. All the while, Mr. Schierbecker was filming, capturing what to many seemed to be an out-of-control professor with flaming nostrils and unruly red hair inciting violence against a university student.

These are actions and remarks that, by now, she has apologized for countless times — both formally and informally. Some, however, point out that Mr. Schierbecker wasn’t the only one Ms. Click clashed with on the quad. She told a geology professor that questions he directed to the black students were inappropriate, he says, and asked him to leave. And she told two other cameramen they weren’t welcome, flinging mocking comments at one (“Wow, you’re so scary”) and leading the students in a chant to banish the other (“Hey, hey, ho, ho, reporters have got to go!”). Exactly why, many have asked, was the assistant professor there that day taking on such a lead role? (Source)

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