Dannemiller’s Formula for Change [...]

The Dannemiller version of the formula for change is:

D x V x F > R

There are three factors and they are multiplicative — if all three do not exist, the product is zero, and change cannot happen. (Multiplicative formulas in organizational theory are opposed to additive formulas).

Here are the factors:

  • D = Dissatisfaction with how things are now;
  • V = Vision of what is possible;
  • F = First, concrete steps that can be taken towards the vision;

The product of these three elements must exceed the resistance to change (R).

From Wikipedia:

To ensure a successful change it is necessary to use influence and strategic thinking in order to create vision and identify those crucial, early steps towards it. In addition, the organization must recognize and accept the dissatisfaction that exists by listening to the employee voice while sharing industry trends, leadership ideas, best practices and competitor analysis to identify the necessity for change. (Source)

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