Eve and Embedded Code [...]

The first difference you’ll notice is that programs look more like word documents than code files. Eve is designed for “literate programming” – instead of comments embedded in code, code is embedded in a document.

This gives us the freedom to organize our programs based on how we actually think, not how the code will be compiled. We can group blocks based on functionality, similarity, owner, or anything else we can think of.

More importantly though, it gives us the ability to weave a narrative of not just what the program does, but why it does it. You can write a spec and then embed the blocks of code that make it work. Someone new to the project can look at the table of contents to get a sense of what’s going on and then dig into a section to add something. Instead of constantly trying to piece the narrative back together every single time we fix a bug, we can make it an artifact of programming in the first place. (Source)

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