Facebook Denial [...]

Facebook executives once again Tuesday rejected the notion that the social media giant is a de facto media company.
“Facebook is a platform,” COO Sheryl Sandberg said on stage at the WSJ.D Live conference. The website has come under increased scrutiny of late following controversial decisions to censor or allow content that some users deemed offensive. The issue came to a head earlier this year when Facebook temporarily removed the iconic 1972 photo of a young Vietnamese girl running away from a napalm attack. The photo, taken by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, is credited with dramatically altering public perception of the Vietnam War.
“It’s a photo showing the atrocities of war. It’s also a naked child,” Sandberg said on Tuesday. “On the other hand, this photo is newsworthy. It has historical significance. We’ve made a decision, that we will make exceptions to our community standards for the benefit of newsworthiness.” (Source)

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