Negative Feelings about Opposing Party [...]

The major change in the past 10 years has been the affective disposition towards the opposing party. People now hate the opposing party.


Here’s the NY Times:

During the Carter administration, cross-party ratings were not much below 5o — just slightly cool. But Democrats’ ratings of Republicans go steadily down from there, falling to 33 degrees under George W. Bush and a frigid 17 under Barack Obama. The Republicans show a slightly different trajectory, holding steady during the twelve-year Reagan-Bush period. But beginning with the Clinton years, Republicans sour on Democrats and join them in intensifying mutual dislike (18 degrees) during the Obama administration. To put those low scores in perspective, they are even lower than Democrats’ ratings of Richard Nixon in the years after Watergate.
So far the story has been quite similar for both parties. But the third graph shows us why it’s the Republicans who now seem to be more radicalized, energized and opposed to compromise.

Basically, the Republicans and Democrats, on average, trust the government about the same. The difference is that the Republicans don’t trust the government when Democrats are in power, at least since Carter (and, conversely, are very favorably inclined towards the government when it is helmed by a Republican president.

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