Notes on the Opioid Epidemic (Introduction) [...]

Back when I lived in New Hampshire I was introduced to the heroin problem. You started to see it in bars, in restrooms, even outside at the local swimming hole with your kid. People said it was a wave, a periodic thing, something that would settle down.

Except it didn’t. It kept getting worse. I now live in Portland, and have multiple acquaintances that have relatives hooked on some form of opioid. Both my wife and I have had, in our respective workplaces, a colleague’s child die from overdose in just the past month. (I am writing this at the end of April 2016).

About two years ago, I started to take notes when I came across anything that spoke to the question of how this epidemic happened and how we might get out of it. These notes are not organized to argue a point, though a story does emerge. I hope if you are looking for answers that they will help you in your own journey.

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