Pearson’s Forced Engagement [...]

Pearson (Luckin et. al., 2016) has announced that they are developing programs that will monitor students as they participate in group work, showing how well each student is participating (p. 27), using, for example “voice recognition (to identify who is doing and saying what in a team activity.” (p.34). This is designed to make sure students are participating according to the programmers’ ideas of what optimal participation is. 

This and other intrusions are designed to make sure students are focused on just the task in front them right now, and are participating in exactly the way the Pearson wants them to participate.  This strengthens an error nearly all schooling makes and makes true creative thinking and learning impossible.

Studies in creativity have revealed that “incubation” is a crucial aspect in the development of new ideas and understandings. After a period of intellectual struggling, of “wrestling” with a problem, progress, deeper understanding, often comes after a short period of intellectual rest, “an interval free from conscious thought” to allow the free working of the subconscious mind (Wallas, 1926, p. 95).  (Source)

Creativity and productivity is more often determined by relationship outside the group. See Why Learning Networks Must Be Open Networks

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