Pierce College Z-degree [...]

It’s a movement that has taken hold at Pierce College, whose Joint Base Lewis-McChord campus in 2015 became the third community college in the country to offer a two-year degree students can complete without ever having to purchase a textbook. By Pierce College’s own estimate, the average student at one of its three campuses pays $1,100 a year on textbooks these days.

“When I heard about (open textbooks), I thought, ‘This makes perfect sense,’ ” said Denise Yochum, president of the Pierce College system. “This is the work we’ve been trying to do for a really long time.”

Now, with a $100,000 grant from Achieving the Dream, a national community college reform network, Pierce College will add a second open textbook degree pathway, this one in prenursing. The program will be ready for enrollment starting in winter 2017 and available at all three of the college’s campuses. (Source)

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