Preference for Female Voices [...]

The preference for female voices in our machines (Siri, Cortana, Echo) comes as much (or more) from women as men.

MacDorman should know. He and fellow researchers played clips of male and female voices to people of both genders, then asked them to identify which they preferred. The researchers also measured the way participants actually responded to the voices. In a 2011 paper, they reported that both women and men said female voices came across as warmer. In practice, women even showed a subconsciouspreference for responding to females; men remained subconsciously neutral. “Men will say they prefer female speech, and women really do prefer it,” MacDorman says. (post)

The preference for female voices may be a preference for an Aesthetic of Powerlessness in our technology, which renders technology less threatening.

Male dominated professions, such as airplane piloting, often develop derogatory names for female voices. See Bitching Betty