Street Sharks [...]

People had memories of a show named Street Sharks that never existed.

The same thing happened with Minor’s Street Sharks endeavor. After TV Tome was merged into the website in 2005, the information from its Street Sharks entry began to spread. If you’ve ever run an internet search for a phrase cited on Wikipedia or another open source wiki site, you’ve undoubtedly learned that the web is full of garbage rip-off sites that lift whole passages from wiki pages without actually bothering to fact-check or confirm any of their content.

Sometimes pages that provide information without citing any sources or including any disclaimers are eventually passed around as factual. Other times, the sources provided are themselves completely bunk.

And so Minor’s Street Sharks fibs and falsehoods became fodder for the completely deteriorated current state of the internet’s collective memory of the show. Minor writes, “I’ve found forum posts of people saying [the character he invented named] Roxie was their favorite character, and read IMDB reviews of people fondly remembering episodes that don’t exist.” (Source)

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