The Missing White Voters [...]

After the 2012 election, the conservative-leaning analyst Sean Trende raised one potent counterargument. Obama won, he claimed, in large part because a lot of white voters simply didn’t show up. If a Republican nominee could mobilize them and get them to turn out, the party could wage a comeback without fixing its problems with black and Latino voters.Trende did not get into this — and certainly did not endorse it as an option — but one way to mobilize white voters, and turn them toward the right, is to stoke fear of nonwhites. Research by Harvard political scientist Ryan Enos suggests that when confronted with different racial groups, even liberal white voters turn rightward. In one study, Enos sent pairs of native Spanish-speaking Latino men to ride commuter trains in Boston, surveyed their fellow riders’ political views both before and after, and also surveyed riders on trains not used in the experiment as a control. (Source)

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