The Stalkers of Jimmy Wales [...]

Those that endure harassment on Wikipedia have often found Jimmy Wales to be a sympathetic advocate. Perhaps this is not surprising, since Wales himself deals with stalkers himself at a level unimaginable to most people. In a Quora question about voting, he revealed that fear of stalkers even keeps him from voting:

In Florida, in order to register to vote, you have to give your real home address. Not a post office box, not a proxy address of any kind. To do otherwise is a felony. There was some kind of scandal with Ann Coulter about this a few years back. And this address becomes a public record, accessible by anyone.

I have serious scary stalkers, including one who obsesses about my personal life, my children, and my home address. He’s posted a photo of himself with a gun along with a fantasy about a shootout with me.

Unlike people of a similar public profile, I don’t have billions of dollars and a security staff. I just live in my ordinary Florida home.

Therefore, I am unwilling to register to vote.

This is a shame, because I’ve always taken great pride in voting. (Source)