#UsedTextbookProblems [...]

“We’ve seen very aggressive efforts to mischaracterize and mislead people about alternatives,” says Ethan Senack, of Student Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), who points to an embarrassingly unsuccessful #usedtextbookproblems Twitter campaign launched last year by McGraw-Hill. The half-baked attempt to goad college students into sharing pictures of the supposed woes of using secondhand course material immediately backfired. “I don’t have any #usedtextbookproblems but some douchebag charged me $200 for a new textbook (you were that douchebag),” one commenter groused. A mother wrote, “#usedtextbookproblems Thank goodness for used textbooks! With 3 kids in college at the same time how can we possibly afford new books??!” (Source)

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