White Twitter Bots Taken More Seriously on Race [...]

The results, published in the November edition of Political Behavior, concluded that direct, negative responses to racist tweets could have an impact—but, at least in this test’s case, they were far more effective when they appeared to come from white users.

NYU student Kevin Munger began his experiment by identifying 231 Twitter accounts with a propensity for using the n-word in a targeted manner (meaning, the message included the “@” symbol and used second-person language). All of these accounts were at least six months old and had used the n-word in at least three percent of their posts during the period Munger monitored them (late summer last year). Munger explains that he chose white men as the study’s subjects “because they are the largest and most politically salient demographic engaging in racist online harassment of blacks,” and also to control “the in-groups of interest (gender and race).” (Source)

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