Wikipedia Can Save the Internet [...]

Thanks to the Web, we are able to cocoon ourselves among like-minded people and like-minded facts. Instead of finding common ground, we shout across the ideological divide — and in nastiest ways possible, because the distance of online discourse dissociates us from the consequences of our own speech.

It’s downright startling, then, to observe what happens behind the scenes at Wikipedia. Go to any article and visit the “talk” tab. More often than not, you’ll find a somewhat orderly debate, even on contentious topics like Hillary Clinton’s e-mails or Donald Trump’s sexual abuse allegations.

Wikipedia is hardly perfect — it’s known for its pedantry, sexism, and epic edit wars. But somehow, despite of all the forces dragging it toward chaos, the site has managed to carve out a space on the Internet where people can have mostly sane, mostly productive conversations that mostly converge to a version of the truth. (Source)

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